About us

Ar-Audit LLP is an auditing company founded in 1999. Our company provides the auditing services all over Kazakhstan. The state license for carrying out an audit activity No. 0000020 was issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan in December 27, 1999.

Our company is a member of the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Association of taxpayers of Kazakhstan and as well as the member of International auditing and consulting networks.

With the highly qualified staff and a high degree of trust shown to our company by potential Clients, company’s activity is not restricted to one region. We have registered our branch offices and representations in many cities of Kazakhstan. The head office is located in Astana. The key staff of the audit company consists of the chief qualified auditors, having international CPA, CIPA, ACCA certificates and diplomas. The employees of Ar-Audit LLP are highly qualified who have sufficient work experience in providing audit and advisory services.

According to the external quality control results, Ar-Audit LLP has regularly confirmed its compliance with the requirements of the International audit standards and the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

Our company ranks 7 – 8th according to the results of rating being conducted for a number of years and has been included in the list of leading audit groups of Kazakhstan.

We have insured the professional responsibility of our company in accordance with the requirements of the acting law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ar-Audit LLP is included in the list of audit companies recognized by the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC (KASE). Over these past 20 years in auditing, Ar-Audit LLP has accumulated a vast experience, which is realized successfully to respond to the needs, so our clients, both small or medium businesses and large entities, carrying out their own activities in the various spheres of the Kazakhstani economy, can benefit and see the advantages of the cooperation.

The main activities of auditing and audit – related services.

  • Audit of financial statements (statutory and voluntary);
  • Audit of special purpose, review and agreed-upon audit procedures;
  • Tax audit;
  • Audit of certain aspects of the financial and business operations;
  • Accounting and Tax advisory;
  • Due diligence for holders of natural monopoly;
  • Financial analysis, review of enterprise performance for potential investors;
  • Advisory and other audit related services, consistent with the auditing practices;



Honesty is one of the important principles of an audit and here to this word we add “Conscience” which is, when translated into the State language, expressed in two letters – AR. By the name of the audit company, prospective clients can judge the characters of our employees.

Honesty and conscientiousness – the staff of the audit company must always be fair dealing and honest, fulfil the functional responsibilities in good faith and manner, especially, in professional aspects.

Impartiality and objectivity – when rendering services the staff must be impartial so that the preconception and prejudice, a conflict of interest and other factors could not affect objectivity. There is a strong belief: where impartiality there is confidence and trust!

Professional competence. To this expression we add another word – accuracy plus constant striving for professional advancement. These terms can show that we render services with a proper level of quality, based on latest innovations in practice, legislation and methodology. We believe in the truth of the words: “You achieve the success only, if you use all your ability to the limit” and therefore, we always want and aspire to grow professionally.

Confidentiality – We adhere to the principle of confidentiality in relation of information received when providing professional services. We do not use or disclose confidential information of our clients without their consent. The exception is made in cases when there is a legal or professional right or obligation on its disclosure.

Professional behavior – our actions are aimed at maintaining good opinion about people in our profession. Therefore, we are striving to refrain from any behavior discrediting the auditing community.

When auditing, except the strict compliance with the ethics and standards, the auditor shall act in accordance with basic human conscience, as well as with an awareness of special trust of the Client.

In the first century B.C., Publius Sir said:

One should think more about conscience than of reputation

Conscience is the best supervisor!

From the Soviet time

Conscience is amount of knowledge programmed to have biologically.

Hugo V.

Conscience is like a friend: before it warns than like a judge that punishes

Fonvisin D.

Conscience is an internal honour and Honour is an external conscience

Schopenhauer A.

In matters of conscience the law of majority does not work

Gandhi M.

Never act against conscience even the public interest so requires

Einstein A.

Along with the state law, there is the law of conscience, which fills the gaps in legislation.

Fielding G.