The staff of the audit company is represented by the professionals with the experience in auditing, accounting, taxation and financial analysis. The key personnel consists of the chief specialists having the qualifications of auditors and leading specialists with various international certificates and diplomas

In 2007 and 2008, we united the staff of the three auditing companies. We have accumulated a unique experience and knowledge, which in its turn gives us the possibility to carry out auditing in any volume and complexity. In compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ar-Audit LLP is a subject of medium-sized business entities and with the available number of staff, it refers to SME. In small and medium-sized enterprises carrying out auditing and audit related services, the staff is one of the most important parts in providing services.

Based on the international standards on quality control (ISQC No.1) the auditing company shall have a sufficient number of employees who have relevant knowledge and competence and adhere to the ethical norms and requirements necessary to fulfill the terms of the agreement in compliance with the standards, requirements of the Law and Regulation.

The company considers the following criteria in respect of personnel:

  • employment;
  • evaluation of the results of the work done;
  • skills;
  • professional competence;
  • career development;
  • promotion to a higher grade;
  • incentive;
  • assessment of needs in personnel.

The abovementioned elements give the company an opportunity to determine the quantity and characteristics of the workforce required for completion of an agreement. The employment process in the audit company includes the procedure that will help to consider and choose the employees capable to evolve their skills and professional competence needed to undertake the works of the audit company.

Our standards offer to develop the skills and professional competence in the following ways:

  • professional education;
  • continuous professional development, including training;
  • work experience;
  • teaching by more experienced personnel, for example, by other members of the project team.

Constant maintenance of professional competence of personnel in the company depends largely on relevant level of continuous professional development that ensure maintenance of their knowledge and skills by personnel

Thus, in accordance with ISQC No.1 standard, our audit company emphasizes in its policies and procedures the need for continuous training of personnel in all levels, and provides the resources necessary for training and assisting personnel in developing and maintaining skills and professional competence.

These crises in the economy, including high requirements set for audit companies, do not allow to develop the activity of any small or medium audit company adequately, in accordance with the business strategy, therefore management takes all measures to maintain professional competence and maintain skills in rendering professional services with the available capacities.

Although we use less formal methods to assess the performance of our staff, we strive to meet high requirements of international standards!