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One of the important principles of the auditing is honesty — to this word we add Conscience which in state language is expressed by only two letters — AR.
And under the same name of the audit organization clients can know the character of its employees.
Honesty and conscientiousness — employees of the audit company should always be straight and fair, honestly do their functional responsibilities, especially, in professional aspects.

Impartiality and objectivity — in the process of providing services employees should be impartial, not allowing that prejudiced opinion or bias, conflict of interests or other factors influence on the objectivity. There is a strong belief: Where impartiality — there is trust!

Professional competence – to this expression we add the carefulness plus constant desire to improve professional skills. These terms give us the opportunity to provide services with the appropriate level of quality, based on latest innovations in practice, legislation and methodology. We believe in the truth of the words: «You achieve the success when use the abilities to the limit» and therefore we always aspire to professional growth.


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It is necessary to verify the reliability of financial statements and other financial information

Doubt in the system of internal control.
There is no trust in the financially responsible persons

You are not sure about the accuracy of accounting and tax accounting.
Are afraid of penal sanctions

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